Join My Darkroom Workshop: Shoot with Film, Develop and Print in One-Day

Join My Darkroom Workshop: Shoot with Film, Develop and Print in One-Day

Experience the charm of film photography in just one day.

In this workshop, you'll shoot with film, and then develop and print your photos in a darkroom, all in one day. Every participant will receive one roll of black and white film as a gift.

Note: In this tour, we will use black and white film, not color film. Please bring your film camera to participate. If you don't have a film camera, we will lend one to you at no charge.


Workshop Details

We meet at 10 AM in the Shinjuku area. After that, we'll spend about an hour shooting with film.
Then, we'll move to a darkroom, just a 10-minute train ride from Shinjuku, to develop the film we shot and also to make darkroom prints.

You can develop up to two rolls at a time, so if you already have some black and white film that you've shot, feel free to bring it along (limit of one additional roll).

While waiting for the developed negatives to dry, we'll take a lunch break for about an hour. (Note: Lunch cost is not included in the workshop fee.)

After the break, you'll select the images you want to print from the developed negatives. Then, in the darkroom, you'll experience the process of silver gelatin printing.

Depending on the time available, our goal is to complete at least two prints. (The print size will be 8x10 inches.) Once the prints are dry, they will be wrapped to prevent any damage, and you can take them home with you.


What's Included

  • One roll of black and white film
  • Photographic paper (8x10 size)
  • Chemicals and other necessities for the darkroom process

What's excluded

  • Lunch
  • Private transportation


How to Apply for the Workshop

Please select your preferred date and time for participation via the Viator website provided below, and then proceed with your application.

APPLY for the workshop


Looking forward to meeting you on the day of the workshop! See you then!

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