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Yusuke Nagata

Hokkaido 43°23'07"N, 145°49'03"E

Hokkaido 43°23'07"N, 145°49'03"E

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This photo zine provides a captivating look into Hokkaido, Japan, seen through the photographer's lens.
It showcases the visages of the Ainu people, man-made artifacts found across the vast landscapes, and the breathtaking views from Cape Nosappu—the easternmost tip of Japan's main islands.

Each image has been carefully printed in the darkroom and then digitized, allowing you to experience the authentic texture and ambiance of the prints.

Zine Details

  • W148 x H210 mm
  • 48 pages
  • Signed
  • With a handmade tracing paper cover
  • Published in Feb 2024
  • Printed in Japan
  • ISBN 978-4-911140-01-7

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Matsuura Takeshiro (1818-1888) left his hometown at the age of 16 and walked across Japan from corner to corner, aspiring to travel even to China and India if possible. Upon realizing that was impossible, he ventured to Ezo (present-day Hokkaido), an island then ostracized by society as a place for exiles.
He made five journeys into its roadless wilderness and even explored Sakhalin, which has now become a foreign land.

He introduced the world to the hidden and forgotten frontiers, islands concealed and neglected by the rulers of the time. Despite being targeted by assassins, he witnessed the dawn of modernity in Ezo with the Meiji Restoration.
He played a role in naming the regions, and in honor of his pen name, "Hokkaido Jin" (People of Hokkaido), this island was named Hokkaido.

Quoted from the Introduction to "Chronicles of Ainu People" by Genzo Sarashina

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