See Darkroom Prints in Person: Photo Exhibition at Shinjuku Place M

See Darkroom Prints in Person: Photo Exhibition at Shinjuku Place M

FAR EAST DARKROOM (F.E.D.) is a community brand that features photographers deeply engaged in photo expression, not just in creating images, but through prints, ZINEs, and exhibitions.

We are excited to announce a joint exhibition by F.E.D. representative Yusuke Nagata, the upcoming star Katsumi Nishizawa, and YOUNG HAMA, at the renowned "Place M" gallery in Shinjuku, operated by distinguished photographers like Daido Moriyama and Masato Seto.


About the Exhibition

In the minds of modern individuals dominated by algorithms, there is an overflow of content based on individual interests and tastes.

On social media, one encounters a barrage of similar-looking photos. This trend is not limited to social media; it extends to various media, including television, which relies on advertising revenue, where content catered to viewer preferences is prominently featured.

In this era of a content bubble, many people think they are seeing something, but in reality, they are looking at nothing. It's alright not to view what one doesn't wish to see. However, there's a significant difference between not being able to see and choosing not to see.

What are we really looking at? And what will we choose to see?

At this exhibition, three photographers who connected on the streets will showcase and sell their works, each carrying the message "WHAT'RE YOU LOOKIN' AT?"

These pieces, each printed in their personal darkrooms, challenge conventional norms. In an age where inkjet print exhibitions have become commonplace, the opportunity to directly experience darkroom prints is increasingly rare.
We invite you to deeply immerse yourself in the raw beauty of darkroom prints at this event.

Additionally, coinciding with this exhibition, Yusuke Nagata and YOUNG HAMA will also be offering their latest ZINEs for sale at the venue. Don't miss this opportunity.


Event Details: "WHAT'RE YOU LOOKIN' AT?" Exhibition

Location: Place M (3-minute walk from Shinjuku-Gyoemmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line)
Dates: December 11 (Monday) to 17 (Sunday), 2023
Hours: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Photographers: Yusuke Nagata(_@nuts.tokyo_), Katsumi Nishizawa(@katsumi5394), YOUNG HAMA(@young__hama)

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