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Yusuke Nagata

"Heterocera" - Color Darkroom Prints Book

"Heterocera" - Color Darkroom Prints Book

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A Book of Darkroom Prints, Crafted Entirely by Hand

From the cover to the binding, this book is completely handmade. All pages with photographs are C-type prints which were printed in the darkroom by the artist.

As it is made-to-order, it takes about a month from order to shipping.

Book Details

  • W21 x H14 cm
  • 51 pages of darkroom print photo pages
  • A cover made of cotton fabric
  • Signed and numbered
  • Limited 30 copies

※Each order includes a random 8x10 color darkroom print.


When I see people gathering around the neon lights, I'm always reminded of moths drawn to streetlights.

The biological classification of moths is 'Heterocera.' This name seems to originate from the Greek words 'heteros' (different) and 'keras' (horn, antenna), referring to their diverse forms.

The behavior of moths flying into dangerous light sources is sometimes depicted as 'self-destructive love.' Additionally, as they transform from eggs to larvae and then metamorphose from pupae into adults, moths are used as metaphors for 'change' and 'growth.'

While we recognize butterflies and moths as different creatures, in reality, it's not possible to clearly classify them separately; biologically, they both belong to the order Lepidoptera.
In other words, butterflies and moths are essentially the same.

People talk about embracing diversity, yet in today's society, there's a tendency to slander and criticize those who act outside the norms on social media. The fool who dances and the fool who watches. Are they butterflies, or moths? It doesn't really matter.

Yusuke Nagata

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