Hi, I'm Yusuke Nagata.

Some of you have already purchased my zines and prints from the FAR EAST DARKROOM (FED.) website, but I realize I haven't fully explained what FED. really is.

So, I'd like to share with you the essence of this project, why I created FED., and what our future plans are.



FAR EAST DARKROOM (FED.), established by me, Yusuke Nagata, is a community brand for next-gen photographers.

In an era where many "photographers" only showcase their work on social media, FED. was founded with the aim of supporting photographers who are passionate about creating prints, including darkroom prints, and those who regularly engage in exhibitions and zine/book production.

Additionally, we're planning to host print critiques and darkroom experience workshops periodically.



The idea originated in 2022, after the passing of my grandmother in Hokkaido. I transformed a room in her now-empty house into a darkroom.

Initially, I considered turning the house into an artist-in-residence space, but due to the distance from Tokyo (over 1,000 km) and management challenges, I abandoned that plan. However, I found the idea of creating a community centered on a darkroom to be a fascinating one.

As film prices rise and many photographers shift to digital, I have friends who not only shoot on film but also develop and print in their own darkrooms. Their work is exceptional, and I wanted more people to see it.

Additionally, in my community, there are photographers who create amazing zines and unique print works, not limited to darkroom prints. I decided to establish a brand to showcase my community, focusing on their works, including prints and zines, rather than just presenting photos as image data on the web.

In naming the brand FAR EAST DARKROOM, I aimed to bring to the world the unique photographic works emerging from Japan, situated at the far east of the globe.


A Hub for Exceptional Prints from Various Photographers

The landscape for photographers varies internationally, but in Japan, the decline of print magazines has led to a shortage of editorial support, pushing photographers to the forefront.

Today's photographers need to handle not only creation but also the promotion and sales of their work. However, not every photographer possesses these business skills.
Many young photographers struggle with how to effectively use social media and market themselves.

At FED., we want to highlight these photographers, focusing on their extraordinary work, particularly their prints, and boost their visibility through our communication efforts.

Although we've been operating in beta mode, selling my own darkroom prints and zines, our plan is to actively involve more photographers in this project.

Our first feature will be on YOUNG HAMA, a Japanese photographer who has documented people whom he has met on the streets, including rappers, skaters, drug dealers, sex workers, and the homeless. We plan to introduce and sell his book and prints.


Not Just Digital: Bringing Photography to Life

In recent times, the journey of photography often ends with digital data – from shooting to editing to posting on social media.

However, in an era where anyone can create beautiful images with their smartphones, I believe photographers should not be confined to digital formats. Instead, they should explore various forms of expression, like prints, zines, and exhibitions.

And FED. is committed to experimenting with new forms of photographic expression. We will continue to share these endeavors through our website, so stay tuned.

See you next time!

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